Thursday, May 31, 2012

So. Tired. Of. Coughing.

Once again it is 1:30 in the morning and I am up coughing.  I have had what started out as an ear infection and bronchitis and moved to an epic sinus infection for the entire month of May.  If you wonder where I have been, it has been here coughing my head off. 

I am blaming this on Ryan.  He likes to snuggle with me and then cough in my face.  His body is a petri dish of kindergarten germs.  His immune system can handle it after being immersed in it day after day after day.  I, on the other hand, am a fragile flower that works from home and hardly ever engages in activity outside of this cocoon I call home.  Those kids, while being cute and loving and oh so affectionate, are also really gross.  They openly pick their noses and other body parts.  They like to see, touch, smell and taste everything.  They do not believe in personal space, and have never heard of the rule against close talking.  In fact, they can never really get close enough to you. 

Coughing is a wholly unsatisfying task.  I feel like I want to stick a pipe cleaner into my right lung and scratch the living daylights out of it.  It is like the itch on the middle of your back that no matter what body contortion you try, you just can't reach, but you know if someone could scratch it for you, it would be like the best fireworks display ever. (I would have used a different analogy, but my 12 year old reads this blog.)  It is exhausting to me, and irritating to those around me.  I know that if Dave was sick this long I would have lost all sympathy weeks ago.  Oh who am I trying to kid.  I am sympathetic for the first 3 days.  For the second three days I am tolerant.  After that I am a passive aggressive caretaker rolling my eyes at his pain and suffering while huffing and puffing at the extra work it is causing me. 

I am so tired from coughing that tonight I let Dave go and purchase my new stove, wait for it, without me.  I had picked it out a few weeks ago.  No, I was not crazy enough to let him pick it.  I would have either gotten a one burner apartment special, or I would have ended up with the top of the line gourmet one if I had let him pick it.  You can never tell which way he will go with something like this.    I did give him carte blanche to pick a range to go over the stove, but they are being held up due to a new design.  Can't wait to see what that will be, since I thought if you saw one range cover you had seen them all. 

If anyone would like to share a coughing remedy that is not Robitussin or Mucinex, I am all ears.  My old stand-bys have let me down.  I have a lot of fun things coming up and this has gone on long enough.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

My Head is Literally Spinning

It is the end of the school year, and things are crazy.  Colin went to camp for three days, and Ryan has the end of the year Kindergarten stuff that is so cute I think I now have a cavity. 

Add to that, I have had this weird cold/ear infection/bronchitis thing that just won't go away.  I am on my third round of antibiotics, the second one made me sicker than I was already so I only took one, so really that one doesn't count.  It, along with the Claritin-D I took to try to get it under control both made me so dizzy I could not function.  Yesterday I drove about 30 minutes away to take Ryan to my nephew's birthday party.  I had to have Ann and Bob come pick us up because I couldn't drive if my life depended on it.  I felt more drunk than I have ever been from drinking. 

Next weekend I will be participating in my final Relay For Life.  I hope I am feeling better since I will have to be there for 24 hours.  (I hate being outside at night.  It is just creepy when I have a perfectly good bed at my house.)  This year I am helping Ryan's teacher with a team from their elementary school.  We are running a campaign called "Coins for the Cure" that is a contest to see which grade level can bring in the most spare change.  The prize is an extra 30 minute recess.  That is it.  No pizza party, no candy, just the opportunity to play outside for an extra 30 minutes.  We have raised about $2000 doing this.  I told Mrs. L that we should have named our team "Nickel and Diming our way to the Cure."  The American Cancer Society is really such a great cause as it does research for all kinds of cancer, and they spend 93 cents of every dollar on research or services.  I really encourage anyone to go to a local Relay and see what it is all about.  I am moving on to helping the local library on the foundation, so this will be my last relay for a few years.  I need a break. 

Next week is the last week of school, so I am hoping that I start feeling better since I will have two kids with me for the next three months,  Should prove to be interesting. 

Thursday, May 10, 2012

You Know You Are Having A Bad Hair Day When...

I have been growing my hair out for about seven months in the hope that I will be able to pull it back into a pony tail.  When we go to the pool it turns into a fly away mess when it is short.  I took a shower today and just dried it quickly so I could go get Ryan at the bus stop.  My neighbor was there so I chatted with him for a minute or two.  This is the end of the conversation:

Me:  Thanks Manny, I will talk to you later.   I have to run because I have a conference call soon. 
Him:  Voice or Video
Me:  Voice.
Him:  Thats good, because if it was video I am not sure you can get it together in time for 4:00.  Your hair is kind of crazy.

It has been several years since I have worked in an office environment, so my appearance is not as professional as it used to be.  Perhaps I should put a little bit more effort into it.