Friday, October 25, 2013

Why does StoryCorp Have to Make Me Cry?

This whole week on NPR, they have been commemorating 10 years of StoryCorps by replaying and updating some of the most popular stories.  This is the one they played today which is a story about one of those couples that is so in love that it makes you long to have that kind of relationship.  As I was driving to work I started to get teary and this made me think of Dave. 

Danny said "Being married is like having a color television set; you never want to go back to black and white."  I can totally relate to this.  I had a great life before I got married.  As is well documented, I have a great family that has fulfilled pretty much all my needs.  I have amazing sisters and brother-in-laws that would have helped me with anything I might have needed.  What I didn't have was a partner to share it with.  Someone that was on my team no matter what.  Someone that I could bounce ideas off of without being judged; someone that "got"me.  My life was a great story, but with Dave it has color. 

I say these things for no other reason than to tell the world that I love Dave. He does not read this blog very often, so it could be months before he sees it.  On the outside, it doesn't look like we have one of those relationships.  On the outside it looks like we are just tryin to make it through, and on the inside sometimes it feels like it.   He does not write me daily love notes, but he does tell me and show me every day that he loves me.  We are partners in this messy life we have created, and there is nobody else that I would like to share it with. 

On an different note, I have had the opportunity to participate in StoryCorps with my dad.  I didn't know what it was all about when I did it, but now I feel like I am a part of something really cool.  Ours will never be the featured story of the week, but it is our story and I got to ask him some questions that I never knew.  My dad is not the most talkative of men, so I never knew what his favorite memory of me was until then.  I had suspected it was the one about the girl who cried wolf, but now I know for sure. 

I should tell him that some of my favorite memories of him are when I would fall asleep during church and he would carry me up to communion and then out to the car when mass was over.  People would tell him how special I was, and at that moment, it was just the two of us instead of all six of us.  I would bet that this will surprise him. 

If you ever get the opportunity to participate in StoryCorps, please do it.  You do not have to have a story that will be featured that talks about some groundbreaking thing.  Your story is just that.  Your story, and it is important, too. 

Friday, October 11, 2013

Another Post About Nothing

I don't really have a lot going on, but I don't want to lose my momentum of writing, so this will be another post about nothing, or random thoughts.

  • Ryan wants to be Iron Man for Halloween.  Have I mentioned that I am not the biggest fan of Halloween? 
  • I very rarely talk about politics on this blog.  It is not that kind of blog, but I do write about kids, and since our elected officials are acting like children, I can talk about them here.  They need to stop this nonsense right now, and allow our people to get back to work.  The simple fact of the matter is that the ACA is now a law, and no matter how long the republicans hold their breath, that won't make it change.  Causing a global depression won't make that change.  Even if what you believe in is 10000% correct, this is not the way to accomplish your goal.  Grow up and do your job.  Rant over. 
  • I have a really cool job that I wish I could talk about here.  I mention this because I feel like a new woman going in every day and working for something I believe in.  Not every day is great, but a bad day in this job is better than a good day in the other jobs that I have had. 
  • I missed exercising today and I will miss it again on Monday.  I have to say I am kind of sad about that.  Three months ago I would not have said that.   I am also wearing a pair of pants that I would not have been able to wear three months ago.  That makes me happy.
  • I just ate my weight in Zeppe's garlic twists for lunch.  Not sure how long said pants will fit.  I am still happy because I love them, and they love me. 
  • Laura is taking Flat Ryan on a tour of the greater Philadelphia area for Ryan's class project.  Is it wrong that I am a little bit jealous of Flat Ryan getting to see such cool sights and spending so much time with Laura?  I need a girls shopping day to spend with my sisters.  I am really looking forward to the day after Thanksgiving. 
  • Have you had an opportunity to see Malala, the girl who is fighting for education for girls?  She is amazing and gives me hope for the future.  I look forward to watching what she accomplishes as she grows older.  SHE IS ONLY 16!
  • I would really like a vacation. 
  • Many public radio stations across the country are having their fall fund drives.  I think  people don't know that these stations do not operate on money generated by commercials.  These stations are funded by members.  Your membership dollars are what keeps the station running.  It is so important to do your part if you have a station that you enjoy.    Please don't assume that someone else is going to do it, because those people are assuming that you are doing it.  We need all of you to contribute. 
Lunch is over so I have to get back to work.  Here is hoping that you all have a great weekend. 

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Friday Night Homecoming Parade and Family Values

Friday night was homecoming for our town, and it is a big deal here.  The middle school band gets to march with the high school band, and when they are all together, there are over 400 kids.  There is a parade and then they get to do the pre-game show.  Colin plays the French Horn so, of course, we went to both.  It is really amazing, and so exciting to see the older kids take the younger kids under their wings to show them all that band has in store for them.  That it will be worth it to stick it out to get to share in the fun. 

As I was waiting for the parade to start, I struck up a conversation with the lady sitting next to me.  I know that everyone is shocked that I started talking to a stranger.  In fact, Ryan talked to me about stranger danger while I was doing it, but she was there all alone and Dave was talking to his parents.  I asked her if she had someone in the parade and she said that her grand daughter was playing the trumpet.  To make a long story short, it turned out that her husband had passed away from a brain tumor the year before.  I have been working on my filter, and even though I desperately wanted to know where her daughter was, I held my tongue. 

After the parade we walked down to get our tickets and she was getting kind of agitated.  Since my filter was worn out from minding my own business, I had to ask if she was okay.  She said that she had seen her daughter and thought about getting a ticket for her but decided against it because she wasn't sure that she would accept it from her.  Apparently she had done something to upset her daughter and she was not talking to her, returning her texts, or even acknowledging that she existed.  I didn't want to get involved because really, what could I do?  I simply said that I was sorry that was happening to her, that I had enjoyed her company and that I hoped she enjoyed the show and that we didn't get rained on, and then moved on. 

Obviously I don't know the situation here, but after talking to this woman for 35 minutes, she seemed pretty normal.  For all I know, she is a controlling shrew, but this family has already learned the painful lesson that life is short. 

I am blessed to still have both of my parents.  I am also blessed that they are amazing parents that have taught me that family is the basis for all I have and that sharing my triumphs and commiserating in my sorrows with them makes it even better. Even though I am in my forties, they are still my safe place to land.  Knowing that they are there to back me up lets me be a better wife, mother, daughter, sister, and employee.  They make it possible to just be me. 

Knowing what I know about family and how it is supposed to be, I was sad for that woman and her daughter.    I was also reminded just how fortunate I am to be a part of my family.  Even on bad days, I know that between Dave and the kids, my parents, sisters, and the rest of the crazy crew, I am surrounded by love and support.   Once again, I am a lucky girl. 

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Another Actual Conversation...

As is often the case, Ryan was bored this weekend.  Ever since Luke moved away Ryan thinks that either Dave or I should be his social director.  On Sunday he was bugging Dave to let him have some friends over or to take him to Game Stop.  He is relentless in his request and after a few hours Dave had had enough.  He yelled at Ryan to leave him alone or he would have to stay in his room for an hour.  Ryan still tries to play both sides against the middle and he came to me and started in again. 

I am much better at ignoring him and he was going on and on while I was folding laundry and going about my Sunday routine.  That is until he dropped this one...

"Mom, can you help me make a miracle happen and get Daddy to take me to Game Stop?"

How is one expected to keep a straight face when asked something like this from an eight year old? 

In case you are wondering, no miracles happened.