Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Case of the Missing Cupcake

Okay, this post is going to seem like I am scattered and wandering in my thoughts, and that would be correct, but trust me, stay with it and it will all make sense. 

About two weeks ago Colin lost his little pouch, for lack of a better term, that holds his DS games.  We have looked quite a bit, and while I am hesitant to declare it gone, it has not turned up in all the usual places.  First he blamed Ryan, which is the usual target for blame, and then he accused me of hiding it. I ask you, why would I want to hide it?  Why would I want to hear about it every day, and why would I do that to Colin?  It is a conversation we have had every day since it went missing. 

Last week was spring break for our kids.  It was the most amazing spring break ever!  Spring sprang and the weather was in the 70's or 80's every day.  It was so nice that Dave took the whole week off to be with us.  On Monday he took the boys to the Natural History Museum in Cleveland.  On Tuesday we went to the Cleveland Zoo.  We wore shorts and were hot.  In March.  In Cleveland, Ohio.  It was an amazing day. 

On Wednesday, we decided to go to A&W.  In case you don't have this, it is where you go to get A&W root beer and you eat in your car.  They are closed during the winter so it is a big deal to go for the first time each year.  We then went for a walk, and the boys wanted ice cream.  They had been bugging me for days about the ice cream.  I wasn't in that big a hurry to get ice cream because, don't hate me here, I don't really like ice cream. 

Okay, stay with me here.  I have recently become a member of our local library's Foundation.  Our mission is to raise money to fill the gaps where public funding stops.  Our big fundraiser is coming up called the Dessert Extravaganza, and Ann and I had been out talking to bakeries to see if they would like to participate.  We stopped at a new bakery called Cupcake Binge and decided to try one while we were there.  I am telling you that it was THE BEST CUPCAKE EVER!!!! 

Well, the park we went to happened to be next to the Cupcake Binge so I stopped and got myself the Mexican vanilla which tastes like a snicker doodle in a cupcake, but I also got a chocolate/vanilla one because Ann raves about that one.  I didn't want to have to share so I waited until we got home after getting the kids their much anticipated ice cream.  When we got home I put my purse, phone and bag of cupcakes on the steps and went to do a load of laundry.  Good Lord, will the laundry ever end?  I finished that job and collected my things and went on my way.  About two hours later I decided I would like my cupcake and went to look for it.  I looked in the kitchen which was the most logical place, and no bag.  I looked in the car thinking I had forgotten to bring it in, and no bag.  I looked in the laundry room on the off chance I took it with me when I did the laundry, and still no bag.  I asked Dave if he had seen it and he said no.  I asked the boys, and still no results.  I accused Colin of hiding it in retaliation for him thinking I hid his DS games.  I am not proud.  I had obviously lost my mind. Still thinking that Colin had them,  I offered a $2.00 reward for anyone that returned my baked goods.  I was sure that Colin would hand them over and we would all go on our merry way. 

I was hot.  The nerve of someone to steal my cupcakes when they all got their precious ice cream.  I went to my bedroom to fold the laundry and wait to see who would be brave enough to admit to absconding with my treat.  About 15 minute later, the boys came busting into my room and flung a demolished bakery bag onto my bed and demanded their reward.  Max had stolen them from off the step while I was doing the laundry.  Now I was really mad.  My cupcakes were gone, Colin was demanding $2.00 and Ryan also thought he deserved a reward because he drew a picture of the scene of the crime. 

I swear he did this on purpose to mock me. 

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Happy Birthday to Laura!

Today is my sister Laura's birthday.  She is the one closest in age to me, but we could not really be more different.  Let me explain why.

I may have mentioned here that I strive to get my life organized.  I would love to have a place for everything and everything in its place.  It is a source of anxiety for me, and I often find it overwhelming.  Laura, on the other hand, has always had her life meticulously organized and scheduled down to a tee.  When we were little we shared a bedroom.  Her side of it was usually neat and clean.  My side always looked like a bomb went off.  It drove her crazy.  She had her planner mapped out each night from as soon as she came home until it was time to go to bed.  She changed her nail polish color to match her outfits for the next day, and actually knew what she was wearing for the whole week.  I did not have a planner, let alone use one, nor did I plan my outfit until it was time to wear it, and I have probably polished my nails less than 20 times in my whole life.

Now that we are older, Laura is the one people go to if they need something.  She is the troop leader for the Girl Scouts, and was the person in charge of interest groups for her school.  Her house is the one that the neighborhood kids want to visit, and she has these great birthday parties for her kids that a based on the Amazing Race reality show.  Me, not so much. 

While I wish that she lived closer, she was able to move four plus hours away, and not only did she do it, but she thrived.  I admire her independence and ability to create not only a support group, but a family away from home. 

I often talk about my other sisters because they live here and I see them often.  Heck, I go to lunch with Ann a few times a week.  I don't talk about Laura as much, but on her birthday, I wanted to take a few minutes to brag about her and let her know how much I love her. 

Laura, you are never far from my heart or mind, and I love you!  Happy Birthday, and remember, you are almost at the bottom of the list!  That puts me on the top for 47 hours because we "spring ahead" tomorrow.  Leave it to Daylight Savings time to rob one of  the few precious hours that I actually get!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

The One Where I Actually Become the Middle Aged, Midwestern Stereotype

Last weekend,  Dave and Colin went to the Auto Show.  In theory this was supposed to be an enjoyable bonding experience for them.  They have gone for the last few years and had a great time.  Last year we actually needed a new car so it killed two birds with one stone.  Dave got to see all the new cars without dragging me all over town to see them.

We had a seven year old Honda Civic that was doing just fine.  It had 107,000 miles and needed some work, but all in all, Dave had said that he planned to drive it until Colin was old enough to drive it and then it would be his.  Colin just turned 12.  In theory we were keeping that car for at least four more years.  So it was with the thought that he was just going for something to do on a cold, rainy day that he went to said car show.

The two of them were gone for about five hours and I went to lunch with my parents.  Ryan was at a birthday party so all was well.  When Dave came home he got on the computer and was on it for the rest of the evening.  This, in itself, is not that unusual.  When I glanced over he was on car sites instead of sports, but again I thought nothing of it.  I went about my normal routine, and soon it was time to go to bed. 

The next morning, Dave decided to take a vacation day, but in my quest to get the kids off to school, I wasn't really paying attention.  He has days to burn and sometimes he just needs a mental health day.  Great.  He left to get a cup of coffee at 9:00, and when I looked up from work at 11:00 and he still wasn't home, I called to see where he was.  This was our conversation:

Me:  Hi Honey, where are you, I am starting to worry about you.
Dave:  I am at the Toyota Dealer
Me:  Why are you at the Toyota dealer?
Dave:  I am looking at the new cars. 
Me:  I wasn't aware that we were looking to buy a new car.
Dave:  I am just looking, don't worry.
Me:  Okay, do you want to go to lunch?
Dave:  Sure, I will be home soon. 

He got home and we went outside to get in the car.  Much to my surprise, our car was missing and  there was a different car in our driveway.  I looked at Dave and he said that they just let him "take it out for a spin."  We went to lunch and then the hard sell started.  He wanted to buy the car.  I asked is we could afford it, and he said yes.  I asked if he liked it.  He said yes. 

The next day we bought the car.  We are now owners of a 2012 Toyota Camry, thus making us the definition of a Midwestern, middle aged stereotype.  After I thought about it, I realized that this is what we have worked for our entire lives, and now we are living it. Not owning an actual Camry, but building a life for our family.  I guess this is what it feels like to be a grown-up.  I am still not sure I am ready. 

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Car Conversation

This is an actual conversation I had with Ryan while driving him to school yesterday.

Ryan:  M & K were being mean yesterday and they told on us when we had more than one person playing "Don't Break the Ice".  I told them that just because there was only one hammer, since we broke the other one, doesn't mean that we can't share.

Me:  Were they playing? 

Ryan:  No, but they told the substitute that only one person could play and then she took the whole thing away.

Me:  This sounds like a time that M & K should have minded their own business. 

Ryan:  I know, and that is why I told them so.  You know I like to tell people when they are doing something wrong." 

Me:  That sounds like a time when you should have been minding your own business. 

Ryan:  I don't think so because the substitute gave me a special seat right next to her and I got to stay there until Mrs. L came back. 

Me:  I am not sure that getting a special seat is a good thing here. 

Ryan:  It sure was, I got all the personal space that I needed, and I could see everything!

Me:  {{Sigh}}