Thursday, March 1, 2012

Car Conversation

This is an actual conversation I had with Ryan while driving him to school yesterday.

Ryan:  M & K were being mean yesterday and they told on us when we had more than one person playing "Don't Break the Ice".  I told them that just because there was only one hammer, since we broke the other one, doesn't mean that we can't share.

Me:  Were they playing? 

Ryan:  No, but they told the substitute that only one person could play and then she took the whole thing away.

Me:  This sounds like a time that M & K should have minded their own business. 

Ryan:  I know, and that is why I told them so.  You know I like to tell people when they are doing something wrong." 

Me:  That sounds like a time when you should have been minding your own business. 

Ryan:  I don't think so because the substitute gave me a special seat right next to her and I got to stay there until Mrs. L came back. 

Me:  I am not sure that getting a special seat is a good thing here. 

Ryan:  It sure was, I got all the personal space that I needed, and I could see everything!

Me:  {{Sigh}}

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