Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Olympic Controversy

Colin, my 14 year old son, does not like the Olympics.  How is this possible?   Some of my fondest memories revolve around the Olympics. They signify strength, determination and patriotism.  I just can't believe that something I really look forward to holds no interest from my own child.

One of my earliest memories is sitting at my Nana’s house watching the compulsories for Ice Dancing.  We watched couples do the same exact routine, even making the same marks in the ice.  I was fascinated that people from all over the world learned the exact same dance, right down to the exact position on the ice.  Apparently they don’t do that anymore because it does not make compelling television for the average viewer. 

Who doesn't remember the Miracle on Ice?  It was on a Sunday.  I remember because we prayed for the team at church.  Some friends came to our house afterward to watch the game.  Nine people were jammed into a room that could comfortably fit four.  I didn't know anything about hockey, but I had never felt more patriotic in my young life.    

It is not so much the sports that draws me to the games, but the human interest stories.  It is the sacrifices the families made so the kids could excel.  How much work must be put into making it to the games?  What motivates some kids to want this when other kids are not interested at all?  How do I motivate my child to be so passionate about life?  How do parents watch as their kids fling themselves off a hill wearing only skis just to see how far they can go?  What made someone think that was a good idea in the first place.   How come each sport is more dangerous that the previous one?

Colin thinks that once you have seen one person do the half-pipe, you have seen it all.  He refuses to believe that Ice Dancing is a sport.  (I am sure the mothers of Meryl Davis and Charlie White will beg to differ.) He has no interest in the human interest stories.  Because he has never had to pay for a lesson or drive someone to and from, he can’t appreciate the struggle to allow your kids to reach for their dreams.  Maybe this is just another one of those things he will enjoy as he gets older.  I am really starting to look forward to 2022.  That might give him just enough time to catch up.

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Mamarific said...

I remember the Miracle on Ice, too! My daughter is not interested in the Olympics, either, and it breaks my heart. It was such a big deal for me, as a kid. I'm hoping she comes around.

Stephanie Scott said...

My kids feel the same way as well. I hope it's not a trend because it is such a great thing to see that kind of passion in these athletes, and I certainly hope my kids will begin to appreciate that commitment.

Anonymous said...

Wait till he has a sweetie who likes ice dancing... he will sing a new tune then!

Michelle said...

Like your son, i never enjoyed the Olympics as a kid. Now as an adult I really like watching them.
That is great that you have such special memories of time spent watching them with your family.
Visiting from Yeah Write Moonshine Grid!

Natalie DeYoung said...

I hope I won't be beaten for this, but I can take-or-leave the Olympics, especially the older I get. Please don't hurt me. ;)

Kate said...

Thanks for all your comments. I love getting them. He is more interested in the summer games because he likes swimming.