Thursday, April 17, 2014

Top 10 Things I Thought About While Driving 32 Hours Round Trip on Vacation

1.  Upon leaving, I thought it would have been nice if I didn't see my life flash before my eyes as we barely missed a 10 car pile-up caused by a freak white-out snow storm less than 20 minutes from my house.  Uncle Joe deserves a shout out for keeping us safe guardian angel style.

2.  I wished that said accident was not a metaphor for what this whole vacation would be, and that we would not have to face an hour long traffic jam less than 20 minutes from my house, making this a 17 hour car ride before we made our first pit stop.

3.  Thank you Sweet Baby Jesus for the invention of 3DS's, iPod's, iPads, and headphones.  This managed to keep the boys from fighting and me from losing my ever loving mind.

4.  It is really nice to see licence plates from other states, states you are aiming to drive through, indicating that you have made progress on this literal journey, not the metaphorical journey seen on various reality shows.

5.  Turning the page in an atlas is a very satisfying task.

6.  Dave is never allowed to make hotel reservations for us again.  Can you explain to me why someone would make said reservation at a hotel 45 minutes out of the way to save $50?  Have I mentioned that in a straight line, it is a 16 hour drive?   I consider this to be a shenanigan of epic proportions that I am sure will not be repeated.  

7.  Cracker Barrels have pretty descent food when you are really hungry, and the store is a pleasant distraction from the thought of having to get in the car again for another five hours.

8.  Dave should know that it is a good idea to fill up the car with gas when we stop at a gas station for a pit stop/food break.  The no-man's-land between Cincinnati and Columbus is not the best place to see how far we can make it with the gas light on.  Another shenanigan that I don't think we will be repeating.

9.  The beach refreshes my soul and I should not let three years go by without seeing it.  The drive was totally worth it.

10.  I really love my boring little life in Ohio and there is absolutely no place like home.  Thanks Dave for making my life so rewarding and fun.  We have created an amazing little family that I do not take for granted I will take you for my husband every day of the week and twice on Sunday even with your shenanigans.

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