Thursday, October 3, 2013

Another Actual Conversation...

As is often the case, Ryan was bored this weekend.  Ever since Luke moved away Ryan thinks that either Dave or I should be his social director.  On Sunday he was bugging Dave to let him have some friends over or to take him to Game Stop.  He is relentless in his request and after a few hours Dave had had enough.  He yelled at Ryan to leave him alone or he would have to stay in his room for an hour.  Ryan still tries to play both sides against the middle and he came to me and started in again. 

I am much better at ignoring him and he was going on and on while I was folding laundry and going about my Sunday routine.  That is until he dropped this one...

"Mom, can you help me make a miracle happen and get Daddy to take me to Game Stop?"

How is one expected to keep a straight face when asked something like this from an eight year old? 

In case you are wondering, no miracles happened. 

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