Friday, April 12, 2013

10,000, the red marker and a few other things.

It  is time to celebrate.  While I was busy trying to get my life together, I reached 10,000 hits on this website.  I haven't decided if I should be100%  happy about this or not.  It seems that I have as many visitors when I blog regularly as when I don't.  It really is the little blog that could.  Since they have recently announced that they are creating a sequel to Finding Nemo, it makes me want to say, "just keep reading, just keep reading...".  Thanks to those of you that keep coming back. 

Car conversation with Colin on the way home from guitar lessons....
Colin:  I think I need glasses.  I am having a hard time reading the white board in science.
Me:  Is it just science?
Colin:  Yes, just science, and now that I think about it, it is just red. 
Me:  It is just red, and just in science?  Do you sit far away from the board?
Colin:  I sit in the middle of the room.  It seems like the red is not as dark as the other colors.
Me:  Do you think that your teacher needs a new red dry erase marker?
Colin:  hmmm, you might be right. 

I was talking to my new co-worker as he was looking at his calendar.  He said, "hey, did you know that Christmas falls on December 25th this year?"  He said it like this should be ground breaking news.  I was waiting for him to say something else, and when he didn't I mentioned that it falls on the 25th every year.  He said, "hmmm, you have a good point."  (He gave me permission to write this.)

I am really sad that Roger Ebert died .  When I was graduating from high school there was nothing that I wanted to do besides be a movie critic.  I loved movies, I loved writing, what could be better.  The practical side of me said that I needed to prepare for a job that would set me up for a career that would let me live in a lifestyle that I would enjoy so I went into business and got a degree in marketing.  I thought it would be a long time before Gene Siskle or Roger Ebert would leave and create a job opening, so I went in a different direction. 

Also sad about Margaret Thatcher and Annette Funacello.  Each are influential women in their own way, just polar opposite ways. 

Finally, the same co-worker who told me about Christmas also sent me the following e-mail:  (for those of you who are my Facebook friends, excuse the repetition.)  Come to my orifice, I have some yummy pretzels.  I had to reply, "No Thanks!!!"

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