Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Reasons Why Thanksgiving is My Favorite Holiday

  1. Laura comes home and my kids get to play with her kids.  This makes my kids very happy.
  2. Girls day on Black Friday. 
  3. Yum Yum salad.  (Marshmallow goodness mixed with pineapple and cream cheese!)
  4. There is no gift buying or giving involved.
  5. Going to Julie's house for dinner and letting Ryan play to his hearts content with Parker and Payton.  Adult supervision is still required to avoid the emergency room; however, Colin does not want to be the supervisor anymore which is a big bummer for the rest of us. 
  6.  Going to Mary Beth's house with a full belly to eat desserts and plan our black Friday shopping adventure.  I must add a bit of a rant here.  Now that stores are opening on Thursday, we are deprived of the door busters because I REFUSE TO SHOP ON THANKSGIVING!
  7.  I get five days off of work in a row and I am not in charge of any kids for at least one of those days.
  8. Organized chaos for a short time is good. 
  9. My mom's crumb top apple pie.   
  10. The most important is that we get to have all 20 of us in the same place at the same time for a short while and that makes me very happy. 

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! 

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Emily Cureton Booth said...

Yes to all of this but particularly #1 and #9 ;)