Friday, September 25, 2015

Random Thoughts

I don't have a topic for a whole post, but have some random things on my mind.  I should mention that I have had a cold for a week, so some of this might be contributed to disconnected medicine head.  You have been warned.  Here we go:

*I have had my car for two years.  At what point will I figure out that I need to push to open the gas door instead of pull to open my trunk?

* I continue to hate fall.  When the leaves get crispy and the golden rod blooms, it makes me so sad, and makes my nose run.

* I do not like things with Pumpkin Spice.  Pumpkin Spice makes me angry.

* I am not sad that Ryan is in the last few years of needing a costume.  I am somewhat confused as to why being a banana is still socially acceptable, but being The Flash will now cause ridicule.

* The only good thing about Halloween is that you can get fun sized candy bars in so many options.  I do enjoy a really fresh Clark Bar.

* I have a cold.  I am blaming it on Fall. or maybe Dave since it started with him.  It is making me really crabby.

*If you have a cold, is there really a better feeling than when one of your nasal passages clears enough to give you a deep breath of fresh air unimpeded with mucus?  It is as if the sun is coming out after a long storm, only to be covered up with storm clouds again.

*I really like this Pope.  I like his humility and humanity.  I like that he is looking out for everyone and is not about pomp and circumstance.  He is what the world needs now.

*I get to take 1 niece and two nephews to lunch today, and I am so very excited.  Now that they are 23, 21, and 18, they are so interesting and fun to be with.  I am just glad that they let me hang out with them.

That wraps it up for this edition of Random Thoughts.  Stay tuned for future episodes of my stream of conscience.

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