Tuesday, February 7, 2012

12 Years in a Blink of an Eye!

It is 12 years ago today at 3:45 that my life changed forever in the most fabulous way I could have ever imagined.  For it is 12 years ago today that Colin was born!  He came into this world kicking and crying and amazed us all with how big he was.  He was 23 inches long and looked like a string bean.  He had beautiful blue eyes that seemed to see and understand everything that was going on as soon as he was born.  He was wise beyond his minutes and instantly followed Dave's voice. 

As a baby he was a bit of a challenge.  He was the kind of baby that would cry starting at 7:30 on the dot and would not be happy unless you were walking him around.  God forbid you would have the audacity to lean against the wall as that could invoke wailing that would alarm the neighbors.  John Denver was my savior during these years because nothing would put him to sleep faster than his greatest hits.  We wore out the tape, and I swear I will dance to "Annie's Song" with him for the Mother/Son dance at his wedding. 

As a toddler he was inquisitive and his ears were like a bat.  They missed nothing and he would ask you questions until he understood everything.  I got better at spelling during this time.  He had such a good nature and would entertain himself for hours.  I thought all kids did this, but as I found out later, this is a special skill, and one I was very lucky he had. 

As the years go by, he is getting to be much more entertaining.  His dry sense of humor is so funny, and there is really no sound better than one of his belly laughs.  If you can get him to smile a real smile it will light up a room.  He is thoughtful and caring and compassionate; all things I had hoped he would be. 

Colin, today I wish you the happiest of Birthdays!  I want nothing but peace, love and happiness for you.  I am proud to be your mother, and I am looking forward to watching the changes that will happen in the next 12 years.  It is so true when people say the days last forever, but the years fly by.  I am looking forward to watching you become the man that I know you will be. 

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Mary Beth said...

Happy birthday Colin!!!!