Thursday, February 2, 2012

Crazy Chiropractor and the Budging Socks

So I went back to the holistic chiropractor earlier this week.  I must first say that he has helped me with my stomach issues and my hip.  I am giving him full credit where credit is due.  I have been to countless stomach doctors to be told there is nothing wrong with me when clearly there was.  If you are doubled over more than once a week, there is a problem.  Since I have been going there and have adopted some dietary changes, I have felt a lot better. 

With that being said, our conversation came back around to my anxiety and all the ways it affects me.  He asked what was one emotion that I wished I handled better and I answered with frustration.  He said with all seriousness that he could fix that, so I let him try.  He did his voodoo magic which consisted of him tapping on my face for a few minutes and then told me that I should not get as frustrated as I did before.  I thought that was funny since his tapping on my face was causing me some frustration, but I thought maybe it took some time to to work. 

Enter this morning when I was attempting to get Ryan ready for school and he had to put his socks on.  It is well documented here that my kids have some issues with socks.  Today Ryan was complaining that his socks were "budging".  I am not entirely sure what that is, but I think they are wrinkling under his foot. I tried giving him several different socks to try and that didn't work.  I tried yelling at him, and that clearly didn't work.  Suffice it to say that the voodoo magic did not work either.  My frustration level was through the roof with him, especially when he missed the bus .  Did I mention that I had a dentist appointment today?  The plea for help has gone out to my sock connection for a fresh delivery.  There were some tears, I am not going to say whose, and some gnashing of teeth, definitely mine, and the promise of an early bedtime tonight, probably for both of us.

To solve my frustration level, I did some retail therapy and I am now the proud owner of an iPhone 4s.  Perhaps Siri can get Ryan to put on his socks because it is obvious that I could use some help.

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