Tuesday, March 8, 2011


My kids both have a problem with socks.  Namely, they do not like to wear them.  Today it took Ryan 30 minutes and six pairs of socks until he found a pair that did not budge on his toes.  I am not entirely sure what that means, but it is very upsetting for both of us. 

They come by it honestly from my father who is very funny about what kind of socks he wears.  Growing up we had two baskets of socks.  One for the girls and one for Dad.  There were four of us and one of him and his basket was twice as big as ours.  He specifically liked the Gold Toe brand and had different weights for the different seasons. 

Colin has been funny about foot coverings since he was a baby.  He has always had very large feet so the cute decorative shoes and socks were never an option.  When he was old enough to voice his opinion we would have to buy his shoes a season in advance and leave them out so he could get used to them.  The first time he had to wear sandals he cried and then told me he couldn't wear them because they were broken.  When I finally did get them on his feet he didn't want to walk in them because he could see his toes. He would only wear Stride Rite socks for years and it was a true crisis when they did not make them big enough for his rapidly growing feet.  I have spent a ton of money on socks that he refuses to wear because they are just not right.  They can not have a color on the bottom like grey or blue, only white will do.  They can not have the extra cushion on the bottom, and they must absolutely not have a seam on the toes. 

Ryan's preoccupation is relatively new.  I think I am going to get him a new stock of socks and weed out the ones that are "budging".  The money will be well spent if I can avoid another morning like I had today.  I am also thinking of taking up yoga so I can practice being in a zen state while my boys are actively trying to make me crazy. 

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