Monday, March 14, 2011

Amazing Power

There is nothing that can support life or destroy it like the amazing force of water.  As all the snow melts and we have almost continuous rain, the rivers are flooding.  To see the water go rushing under the bridge I am driving over is kind of unnerving to say the least. What is usually a docile, lazy river is now an angry beast. That is nothing compared to the Tsunami that decimated Japan this week.  It is truly shocking to see an entire section of a vibrant country wiped off the map in a matter of seconds.  Cars thrown around like toys and houses shattered like toothpicks.

With no water disaster also strikes in the form of drought and famine.  Every Christmas we are reminded of the famine in Africa that resulted in the music community coming together to create "Do They Know Its Christmas Time".  Water is not something you can take for granted.  Clean water is life itself. 

There are no words to help those that are affected in Japan.  The devastation is total.  I wish I had something profound that I could say or do that would help the situation, but I really don't.  Though I wish it was more, all I can offer are my prayers, and I am giving all of them to those that need it most.  God bless.

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