Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Toy Story 3 stuff

Colin wanted to start a blog but we started with a guest post.  He wanted you to see things from his 11 year old point of view.  Did I mention how much I love this kid? 

My name is Colin, and I am Kate's first born son.  Last Sunday I purchased the Toy Story 3 video game for the XBOX 360 with all my birthday gift cards, and I think it's realy fun.  Days later, my brother Ryan comes over to me and starts yelling that my mom said that I had to let him play, so I show him how to play and I give him the controller.He was okay for it being his first time.  I guess he liked it so much, he liked it more than STAR WARS, and he REALY likes STAR WARS.  I think his favorite part is riding Woody's horse Bullseye to Zurg's space port.  He is always saying how he is afraid that Zurg's zurgbots will come and attack the town he made in TOY BOX mode, which is where you can be a sherif in the old west.  Now he plays with a Woody stuffed toy thing and a blanket that came with it, and now he's watching the TOY STORY 3 movie.  I guess I should be happy I got him excited about something, but I don't feel that warm and fuzzy feeling that people say they feel.  Last year my school librarian said he felt the warm and fuzzy feeling whenever we said good afternoon loud enough.  Yesterday, our cousin William came over to babysit us and he played my TOY STORY 3 video game, and he played for a while.  After an hour, Ryan looked like he was going to explode with anger.  He started yelling at William who finaly handed over the controller.  When William said it was time for bed, I thought Ryan was going to argue, which I thought wasn't a good idea because our mom said William was in charge, but he surprised me by just going to bed.



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It reminds me a little of "Diary of a Wimpy Kid"! Way to go Colin:)

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nice job Colin! i especially liked the part where you talked about not getting that warm fuzzy feeling.