Sunday, March 6, 2011

Charlie Sheen is Crazy

I have lived my whole life with the fear of disappointing my parents.  They could yell all they wanted and I was pretty much immune.  They could take things away from me, and I could deal with it, but it I got the look from either one of them it would make me die a little inside.  As I am approaching 40 years old this week, it is still something on which I base my life.  It has kept me out of a whole lot of trouble over the years. 

With this being said, if I or any of my sisters or our kids were acting like Charlie Sheen right now, my parents face would be frozen in the look and their tone of voice would never recover.  I believe John Stamos said it best when he tweeted that he had not been approached to replace Charlie on "Two and a Half Men", but that Martin had come to him to replace his son.     

At first I thought it was just for publicity.  I was sure he wanted to shame his company into paying for the people that were out of work for his craziness.  Then he started in on his tiger blood and how he was a warlock.  He was not high on drugs, he was high on Charlie Sheen.  His sound bites are endless from all the press conferences he held over the last week. 

What I don't think he counted on was losing custody of his kids.  I was shocked to learn that he even had custody of his kids in he first place.  Good Lord please help these kids if Charlie is the better parent in this situation.  Bob and Max will have a special place in my prayers for a long time to come.

This is another one of those times that I thank my lucky stars to have the parents I do.  You can all rest assured that once this blog makes me rich and famous that I will not go on a press tour ranting like a crazy loon.  I am quite sure that would earn me the look like no other. 

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