Sunday, April 1, 2012

April Fools

One of the best thing about having older kids is that they are able to get up on their own on the weekend and leave Dave and I to sleep in.  I remember the first time that Ryan got up on his own.  It was like my Birthday and Christmas rolled into one.  I was a new woman!  I am not a morning person on my best day, but to have to get up before 7:00 on a non-work day did not make me the happiest mother around. 

A few years ago we got a new alarm clock that would automatically set the time, and as a bonus it would automatically adjust the time for Daylight Savings.  Shortly after we got the clock they changed when the time change happened so the clock adjusts on the wrong day.  Today was the day it made the change.  I woke up at what I thought was 10:10 and flew out of bed to wake Colin up so he could get ready for PSR (Parish School of Religion) that started at 10:30. 

Colin rolled over and told me that it was really only 9:10 and that I should let him sleep some more.  I told him I didn't think this was funny and he needed to get out of bed RIGHT NOW!  DO I LOOK LIKE I AM IN THE MOOD FOR YOUR ATTITUDE?!?!?!?!  Colin turned his clock around to show me the correct time and then got up because once he was awake he might as well get out of bed. 

He came out and asked me if I knew what day it was, and then pointed out that it was April Fool's day.  I asked him if he changed my clock on purpose and he said no, he didn't, but he wished he had thought of it. 

The problem with having a clever child with a dry sense of humor is that he is capable of pulling these things off.  I put nothing past him these days, hence me accusing him of stealing my cupcakes.  I think these things are becoming a self-fulfilling prophesy when I am always on the lookout for his devious actions.  I should know that my beautiful, angelic child would not put me through such foolishness, Right Colin?

If the truth is to be told, he has never actually done anything like this.  It is the idea that I know he can that holds power over me.  May the good Lord himself help me when he actually does start doing these things or worse.  He is only 12.  It is all downhill from here. 

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