Wednesday, September 25, 2013


I know it has been a few months since I updated.  There are a few reasons for this which I will detail below:

  • We went on vacation.  It was not the best vacation I have ever been on, but I am sure there have been worse.  Dave's 100 year old grandmother passed away in March and we went to Vermont for her memorial service and then a family reunion.  For the last 30 or so years she lived in Florida, so I was somewhat surprised at the turnout she got.  She would have been very happy.  We then went to Boston so Dave, Colin and his dad could add one more park to their quest to visit all the Major League Ballparks.  I am amazed and just how nice the people of Boston are.  We had one woman help us who had just had her eyes dilated.  It was a really long drive and the bigger the kids are, the smaller hotel rooms get.  I don't think I am in a hurry to go back to the great state of Vermont. 
  • Colin and Ryan were both on the swim team this year.  When I signed them up I forgot how time consuming this can be.  Laura was in town for ten days and we had 4 home meets in that time.  It was cold and rainy for the whole summer and I was helping in the concession stand.  I have come to my senses and the kids are not swimming next year.  Ryan was also on his baseball team.  If you read my previous post, we all know how that turned out. 
  • Now that I have a full time job out of the house, my time for extracurricular creativity is greatly diminished.  It is now filled with less creative things like cooking and laundry.  Good Lord, does the laundry ever stop? 
  • In my new job I get to write copy that goes on the radio.  One of the objects is to keep it short and sweet.  I have had to change my whole mindset to completely opposite of what I do here.  It is hard to change gears. 
  • I have been reading some amazing blogs lately that have passages that make me weep because of the beauty.  I can not compete and it takes away my will to write.  Thanks Emily.  This is all your fault, even though I haven't seen you since you were ten.  Honestly, besides my two boys, she has two of the cutest kids ever and her writing is fantastic.  She goes on spectacular trips like her recent one to Iceland (I know, who does that?) and loves great food.  It would never occur to me to want to go to Iceland, but now I do.  I wish I could love food.  Don't get me wrong, I do enjoy a good strawberry pie here and there, but I wish I could be more adventurous in my dining choices. 
Anyway, other things that I have been doing include and exercise program that is causing me to gain weight, (what is up with that?), and quite a few projects for work.   The kids are back in school which is time consuming, and I am already missing the hot days of summer. 

I will make no promises, but I will try to do a better job of posting.  I am always open to reminders and encouragement, so don't be shy.  I have to run.  Ryan has a small injury and there is a need for a band aid. 


Anonymous said...

Muscle mass weighs more than fat. It's a good thing. :)

Emily Cureton Booth said...

Thank you for this and I love your words here. Don't ever stop writing.