Thursday, January 5, 2012

Here is to Stronger Stomach Muscles!

Today I went back to the holistic chiropractor, aka Voodoo Doctor.  As you may recall, this is the same man that told me that my stomach hurt because I was sensitive to all the foods that I like to eat. 

My stomach was killing me and I was sure it was not because I was eating anything off my diet.  In fact, I went all the way through the Christmas/New Year holiday with only having two days where I cheated.  It seems that I have a weakness for cheese and crackers.  Oh, and YumYum salad.  I only ate three Christmas cookies. 

So I went to the doctor and told him that I thought he might be mistaken.  I think my exact words were along the lines of, "I have followed your plan and my stomach still hurts.   I am not happy.  I think you are wrong."  He had me stand on one leg and tried to push me over.  On one side it took one finger, on the other he couldn't do it.  It turns out that my problem is really a weak abdominal muscle.  It starts at my rib and goes around my side and hip and down my leg, all the places that I have been complaining have hurt me for years.  He worked some voodoo magic and it stopped hurting. 

I am not totally discounting the food sensitivities as I feel better in general, but I think I am going to allow milk back into my diet so I can eat cereal again.  Oh how I have missed cereal.  It has been calling to me every time I pour a bowl for Ryan.  I think I missed it more than I missed soda. 

I also like that I managed to lose 10 pounds since Thanksgiving.  I have lost most of the muffin top that used to hang over my pants.  That is a good thing indeed.


Anonymous said...

Hope the adjustment works for you. But when he is "adjusting" he is really moving bones which influence muscles and have close connections with nerves. A weak abdominal muscle? Which one? There's more than 25 in that area. I guess I don't believe the Voodoo doctor either. He may have shifted some things around, so maybe you had a group of nerves that were pinched.
I'll be interested to hear how you are feeling tomorrow or better yet, a week from now.
Chin up, you'll figure it out eventually. Doctors are just guides to the human body.

Goldiebug said...

wow, that's really amazing. I hope that fixes it for you. Did the doctor also recommend any particular exercises to build up your strength? I can't imagine it could get better just with a little moving it around. I know that the "core" needs to be strengthened with exercise. Good luck!