Saturday, January 21, 2012

We Were All Crying Over Spilled Milk

While I was on the phone with my sister last week, I heard a ruckus break out in the kitchen.  A ruckus you say?  What kind of ruckus?  It turns out that Colin was getting himself some chocolate milk and Ryan was being Ryan and irritated Colin.  Colin knew that Ryan wanted some milk, but since Ryan was being a brat he ignored him. 

As Colin was coming out of the kitchen to tell me exactly how Ryan was being a brat, Ryan decided to get himself a glass of milk.  Did I mention that it was a brand new carton?  Do we all see the path this milk is going to take?  You guessed it, it went all over my counter, down the front of the dishwasher, on the carpet in front of the sink, and even under the dishwasher. 

Yes, I was mad about the milk, but I was more mad that my children continue to battle over who can be the bigger brat.  We have been talking about choosing kindness when dealing with each other, using basic manners that I have been teaching them since the day they were born.  If they treated anyone else the way they treat each other I would be mortified.  We have had numerous conversations about what I expect and they continue to treat each other in such a deplorable way.  In this case it takes two to tango, and each of them need to take some responsibility in this quest.  Each of my kids are kind in their own right, but when you put them together, it is mayhem. 

So that was last week.  Today they are working together like the team I have always wanted them to be.  I have watched them play in the snow out the window and they have been making snow angels and such, and then I saw them having an intense conversation where they were obviously planning something.  It turns out that plan is to make our porch steps a sledding hill.  My question is, do I live in the moment and enjoy the fruits of my hard labor to get them to be kind, or do I yell at them and make them stop?  I think I am going to go with the first option.  I can make them move it when they are done, and since Dave pulled out our landscaping over the summer, there is nothing there for them to kill.

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