Sunday, February 27, 2011

R.I.P Chrysler Grand Voyager

Yesterday we got a new car at our house.  This is huge for us.  We usually keep our cars until we have no choice but to replace them.  Our minivan had given us every ounce of life it had to give and could give no more. 

We got our van when Colin was Colin was nine months old.  I had a Pontiac Grand Am that was two doors and it was not practical when I was trying to get a car seat in and out of the back seat.  Much like I was when we got Max, I HAD TO HAVE A VAN.  I was a  mom and all self-respecting moms drove mini-vans.  This was suburban America and I had to keep up with all my friends. 

I hated that van from the second I drove off the lot.  As I was making the turn something hit my hand.  It was the clip that held the sun visor in place.  I actually had to turn around and go back to ask for them to fix it.  Over the 10.5 years we had it I replaced more things than I can even remember.  We bled money for that van.  To make a very long rant short, the van was the bane of my existence. 

Yesterday we replaced the van with the new rage in mommy transportation, the crossover SUV.  It is the smaller, sleeker version of the van.  We got the Honda CR-V.  It is zippy with a great turning radius.  No longer will I have to back up three or four times to get into a parking space.  It has a functioning air conditioner and heater, and tires that have traction.  IT HAS RADIO CONTROLS ON THE STEERING WHEEL.   Such luxuries are unprecedented in our house. 

We drove off the lot yesterday and didn't even look back at the old van.  We were giggling at our good fortune to be rid of the anchor around our neck.  I pray that this car will give me confidence in my transportation again, something I have not had in a really long time.

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Mandi Eddy said...

I have a CR-V and LOVE it!!! However, I think I am going to trade it in for the mini-van :( We are running out of space with it! ENJOY your new car!!!