Saturday, July 16, 2011

A Good Time Was Had By All...

Another birthday has come and gone and I think I can say that Ryan was pleased.  The day started off with a bang when he woke us up wanting to open his gifts.  He has joined the gaming world with a brand new DSi.  It is a double edged sword for me.  I wanted to give him something to do independently, but I forgot that you need to read to play most of those games.  At least for today, Colin has been excited and has been "helping"  him play. By helping I really mean actually playing himself or yelling at him to  "just hit "A" already" or "No!  I said to GO THE OTHER WAY!" Ryan has the patience of a gnat so he constantly asks Colin how to do it.  I am expecting Colin to lose it any second.  On the other hand, it is refreshing to see them play together for a change. 

I only have birthday parties on years where your birthday falls on a weekend.  This is the first time we have had a party where we invited friends.  We had 20 people for a pool party at the pool where we belong.  We have recently had a new 6 year old boy move in up the street (Score!) so Luke came and so did his friend Dominic from school.  What nice boys he has for friends. 

Ryan lives life a full speed all the time.  His enthusiasm is awesome and fun to watch.  We had the requisite cake and pinata and then opened the gifts.  HE! LOVED! EVERYTHING!    He got some new games for the DSi, Cars stuff galore, and some Armor for the DSi that has Star Wars stuff with an Obi-Wan stylist pen.  The bag that he got from Dave's parents was almost as big as he was. 

The only disappointment came when he let go of his balloon when we were walking out to the car.  He was heartbroken!  there were crocodile tears and much gnashing of teeth.  I am guessing that will become a source of whining when we go to a store that sells them again. 

I must say that I have outdone myself on the birthdays for Ryan the last two years.  Last year we surprised the kids with a trip to Disney for Ryan's birthday. What kid wouldn't love turning five in the Magic Kingdom?   This year was a smashing success as well.  Next year is leap year.  It is going to be a rude awakening when his birthday falls on Monday. 

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