Sunday, January 16, 2011

Don't Mess with the Chips

There was a bit of controversy at our house the other day.  It was over, of all things, a bag of Lay's Lightly Salted Potato Chips.  Is it so wrong of me to want one thing in my house to be all for me?  Am I asking too much to have the experience of opening the fresh chips without the boys crushing them and wrinkling the bag? 

Dave thinks I have lost my mind. The bag had been sitting on the counter for a few days and he wanted some.  I said I was not ready to open them and he should just eat the bag of pretzels that I always get for him.  He said he was tired of eating pretzels and wanted chips.  One thing led to another and I took the bag and started to flee.   He does not appreciate the delicate chips.  He thinks it is merely a bag of chips to be devoured without really thinking about it.  I do not buy chips very often as I try to watch what I eat.  Recently I have changed my diet to include mostly whole grains and natural sugars.  If it has enriched wheat flour or high fructose corn syrup, it does not go into my mouth.  I say that as I just got home from Olive Garden where I ate two breadsticks and Fetticini Alfredo.  It was not my finest eating hour. 

I love the experience because I only eat about one bag every other month.  I love opening the bag and hearing the pop sound it makes and the smell that eminates from it. I love picking the best chip.  It is usually one that is folded over so when I take the first bite the crunch reverberates in my ears.  I love to have it with onion chip dip that fills the fold.  It is best when I have an ice cold Polar Pop and a good book and nobody around to try to take my chips from me. 

I did open the bag but it was a disappointment.  I was rushed and did not have a pop or a good book.  The kids were circling and reaching and I had to fight them off.  Again, it was not my best eating moment, not to mention not my best parenting moment. 

Don't misunderstand.  I am willing to share my chips, just not when they are first opened.  Once I have had about 4 handfuls I am done and the rest can be devoured by the vultures boys.  After the bag has been opened and I have had my fill,   I don't want them anymore until they once again call to me from the grocery store shelf.  I did go back and get another bag and I think Dave and the kids will think twice before reaching for that bag. 

Is there anything that you want just for yourself?  What is it that you hide in the back of the cupboard so you can eat when nobody is watching?


Anonymous said...

Kate--For me it usually involves good dark chocolate but I can definitely relate to the fresh bag of chips! Mary Beth

Anonymous said...

Kate, I can so relate to the chips! They have to be lightly salted and must be recently opened. I only like about ten and then I am done. I don't like to share and I don't like to be rushed. The rest of the house does not understand. They are not picky about their snacks. Ann