Friday, January 21, 2011

An Open Letter to Mother Nature

Dear Mother Nature,

I am sorry that I complained so publicly about the gift you have given us in the form of snow.  I now understand that like all mothers, you know what is best for us.  We need snow in the winter so we can have enough water to grow the beauty that is to come in the spring.  With a drought comes death.   Snow does have a beauty in its own right, especially when it coats the trees in a light blanket of white and I have nowhere to go and a good book to curl up with. 

Like all petulant children it is my duty to tell you that you are doing it wrong.  I am really thinking that it would be best if we could have some spring now.  We have paid our dues with the white death.  The cold is getting old.  If I were mother nature I would give us a reprieve and let up already.  I would let the crocus start to stick their heads up out of the cold ground.  I would show the world just how loving a mother you can be.  I would let the world have sunlight on their faces and enough warmth that they would not have to shiver in your cold. 

Just saying....




Anonymous said...

I hate snow. But I can't move because you live here.

Kate said...

that is why I stay too. do you think we could get everyone to move?