Sunday, January 9, 2011

Eighteen Years

Yesterday was the 18th anniversary of my first date with Dave. Or I should say the first one that Dave intended.

Dave is very shy. He used to deliver the mail to the library where I worked. The ladies always called him Dave the Mailman and told me that I should go out with him. He was cute, manerly, and quite a catch. I thought he was cute as well, but was not in the position to go out with him right then.

We had a class together so I arranged to work on the project with him so I could get to know him better. It just so happened that the guys that lived in the apartment above me were friends with him and also in the same class. For an entire semester I tried to get him to notice me to no avail. I had actually given up on him ever asking me out and had forgotten about it. Eighteen years ago was in the dark ages before computers and the internet were prevelent, and our group was made up of four guys and me. They needed the only woman in the group to type the project so Dave suggested that if I typed the project that he would take me to the movies. Over Christmas break he finally made good on his promise and called to take me out. He picked me up at my parent's house and we went to see "A Few Good Men" I suspected nothing as the evening went on and really thought we were just going out as friends. We came back and watched Johnny Carson and whatever was on after that, and finally he went home. All this time I thought he was just paying on his debt, and then he kissed me.

We had to go out again the next weekend where he took me to ChiChi's and to see "The Bodyguard" so we both knew we were on a date.

That day started us on this journey we call our life. 15 years of marriage and two kids later I am still one of the luckiest people on the planet. Dave is much better at telling me what is on his mind so we are now both on the same page. At least most of the time.

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