Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Winter Rant

The winter doldrums have set in.  I am cold and bitter about it.  I am tired of walking around with my shoulders up to my ears and freezing when I walk Child 1 down to the bus stop.  I am ruing the day that we got the dog since he takes forever to decide where to do his business. 

I am tired of driving in snow.  I am tired of seeing dirty black snow along the sides of the road. There is very little that is pretty in January in Ohio. 

I am tired of wearing a coat, hat and boots.  I can never find both of my gloves at the same time.  I hate having to find socks every day, and getting Child 2 to put them on is torture for both of us.  Both of my children seem to have hang-ups with footwear.

I am tired of it being dark all the time.  I know they say that the days are getting longer, but not fast enough for me. I miss the fresh fruit selection with no local strawberries, blueberries or grapes.  I don't really like blueberries, but I like knowing that if I go over to my mom's house and walk down the back yard I could find some in the Smith's blueberry cage.  

I miss seeing green grass and flowers.  I miss leaves on the trees.  I miss the feel of sunlight on my face and I miss sandals and shorts.  I miss having the bathroom window open at night so my towel smells like it was hung outside to dry.  I even miss playing endless games of HORSE with Child 2 when I would like nothing more than to read my book. 

I feel better now.  Thank you for listening.  Only 4 more months until we have reliable warm weather. 

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Anonymous said...

Kate, I don't understand your blueberry obsession. They are just slimy, slippery round balls with squeeky skin that sticks to my teeth. Remind me why I should like these. But the spring strawberries more than make up for these curious oddities. Ann