Sunday, June 12, 2011

40 and Fabulous Part IV

So I lived to tell about the massage.  I know that most people enjoy this experience, but is it really not my thing.  As a general rule I do not like people I do not know to touch me, especially not that much of me.  In the interest of opening my mind and trying new things I decided to give this another shot.  I have to tell you I am still not a big fan.  I was able to relax a little bit, and I would not say it was torture or anything, but I am not in a rush to do it again anytime soon.    I do think that it helped to do damage control after the horseback riding.  Did I mention just how big my horse was?  Here is a picture of me and my friend Lynn on our respective horses.  Trust me when I say that this picture does not do him justice.  I am 5'8" tall and I could not see over him when they brought him out to me. 

This morning my adrenaline junkie friends went zip lining and took an off road driving course.  I have come to the conclusion that acting like I am 18 while I am 40 makes me feel like I am 80, so  I decided to get a pedicure.  I think I have lovely summer feet now.  Bring on the sandals!

After checking out from the resort we headed to Falling Waters.  I am feeling kind of uncultured since I did not know what that was. In case you are in my shoes, it was the house that Frank Lloyd Wright designed for the Kaufmann family of the department store fame.  They had commissioned him to design their weekend home and wanted it next to a beautiful waterfall.  Instead,  Frank designed it over the waterfall.  It was stunning!  The location was breathtaking and the design was architectural genius, as they pointed out to us again and again on the tour.   I am so glad that Kellie suggested we stop there on our way home.  Here is the view that they were trying to preserve, and that you can see from almost anywhere in the house.

I really wish my phone took better pictures, but if you wait for me to get the photos off my actual camera it will never happen.  If Kellie downloads hers I will upload them here.   It was an amazing weekend with amazing friends. I have not laughed so hard, often or long in a really long time.  When I fully recover I will tell you about our drive home that took twice as long as our trip out.  There were times like when we almost crossed the West Virginia border and I was not sure we were ever getting back.  I have not been so excited to see our house since last weekend when I got home from Relay For Life, and that is saying a lot!

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