Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Swimming through summer

Summer vacation is in full swing for the boys.  We are in week 3 or maybe 4 of Colin being out of school and we are all doing fine.  This week Ryan is also out of school but taking safety town. 

We are 5 swim meets into the season and are still undefeated.  Colin has seen some improvement and I am very proud.  I think swim meats are payback for all the times I made my dad come to track meets and hold my sleeping bag while it was freezing cold or raining.  It was raining for 4 out of 5 of them and they do not call it off unless there is lightning.  I was trying to figure out how to get the overhead lights to flicker in the hope they would think it was a storm.  No such luck. 

In case you are new to being a swim parent, let me give you some pointers. 
1.  Do not volunteer to be a runner.  Or a timer.  Or the volunteer coordinator.  Or a child wrangler.  All other positions are fine.  The catch is that it seems to go faster if you are doing something, but these positions require you to be there for the entire meet,  even if your child is done half way through. 

2.  Prepare to be bored, hot, tired, and damp.   Take a chair and a good book. 

3.  Pay attention to the current event.  It would be horrible if you sat there for 3 hours and missed the 60 seconds your kid is actually doing something. 

4.  Bring snacks.  For your swimmer and for you. 

5.  Enjoy it.  They can be fun.

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