Monday, June 13, 2011

An Open Letter to LeBron James

Please stop talking.  You are only making a bad situation worse.  You can not expect people in Cleveland to forgive and forget in just one season.  What you did to our city is really unforgivable.  We supported you from the time you started in high school.  We bragged to people that not only were you a good basketball player, but you were a really good person as well.  You strung us along for months while you were deciding where you wanted to take your talents and then you blindsided us by such a horrible spectacle of selfishness and inflated ego by announcing your decision on ESPN. You did not even have the decency to tell Dan Gilbert your decision before the announcement on live television.  How did you expect that we would take this?  Did you even think about the people that had supported you and helped you get to the status you have enjoyed?  How do you feel when you watch that back and realize that is the exact moment you lost all respect from so many people?

Other beloved sports stars have left the area and  are still admired for their talents.  Jim Thome would be a good example for you to follow.  He admitted he was leaving for more money and a better chance to win a world series, and nobody got upset or blamed him for his decision.  He did it with respect for the area and all the support we had given him while he was here.  Instead, you follow in the footsteps of Carlos Boozer who was the most criticized athlete of all times.  What you did was worse.  Instead of lying to an owner that was nothing but kind and generous, you went out and pooped on all of the people that spent money on games and apparel, and time and energy cheering you on.

You ruined years of good will.  Your family still lives here.  I think it is you that needs to get on with your life.  The people of Cleveland have already done so.  You can't blame us for getting some enjoyment out of your loss.  You brought it on yourself.

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Anonymous said...

Kate - The things that you mention are what LeBron calls cultural differences such as why he doesn't marry the mother of his children.