Saturday, November 12, 2011


I asked Colin if he would play with Ryan this afternoon because he is driving me nuts.  This is the conversation that followed.  I have asked Colin's permission to post this.

Colin: I don't want to play with Ryan because he won't do the tutoral (TU-tor-al).

Me:  What is a tutoral?

Colin:  You know, the tutoral.

Me:  I have never heard of a tutoral.

Colin:  You know, like at the beginning of a game?

Me:  (Keep in mind that I do not play xbox and I wasn't really paying attention.)  No Colin, I don't know what you are talking about.

Colin:  you know, at the beginning of the game when they tell you how to play the game....

Me:  OOOOHHHH, you mean the tutorial?

Colin:  No, the TU - TOR - AL.  That is the right way to say it, at least it is in the dictionary. 

Me:  Honey, it is pronounced tu-TOR-eee-al. 

Colin:  no its not.

Me:  Go ask Daddy.

Dave confirmed that I was right. 

God bless Colin.  I am proud that he looked it up in the dictionary.   As long as he does not have to play with Ryan he is a great kid. 

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