Tuesday, November 29, 2011


This was the first Thanksgiving since I got married 15 years ago that I spent Thanksgiving without going to Dave's family's house for dinner.  His sister was going out of town so we went to her house the weekend before.  Julie has been hosting since she got married and got a house big enough for all of us to fit.  I am thankful that she is willing to do it since she has a great space and toys for the kids.  I am also thankful because she is a great cook.  She watches the cooking shows for fun.  I have to say that is not my favorite form of entertainment. 

Things were looking a bit dicey when Colin started to throw up on Sunday.  His throat was sore and he had a headache.  Classic strep throat symptoms.  I was horrified because Julie was getting ready to leave for Disney and I was sure I had infected her children.  Monday morning comes and we schlep down to the doctor.  Not only did Colin not have strep, it ends up that he has mono.  On the one hand I was relieved that I did not have to call Julie and break the news that her trip was doomed, but on the other hand I was so upset that Colin was going to be sick for an extended time.  I have had mono twice and have vivid memories of being so sick in a college final that one of my classmates since first grade filled in C for the last 10 questions and helped me get out of the classroom. I had put my head down on my desk to reach into my backpack and fell asleep.   It took me an hour to get back to my dorm room which was usually a 10 minute stroll, and I called Mary Beth to come get me.  She and my dad had to pack up my dorm room while I slept in the back seat of the car.  I slept for the next month. 

Colin laid low for the next few days and was able to rise to the occasion and even played some Wii with his cousins.  We were able to go to Mary Beth's house for dinner and had a lovely day.  I was thankful to have some of my favorite foods that we only eat on holidays.  We had yum yum salad, aka magic pudding, great rolls, and even the dreaded green jello.  You know the one that has shredded carrots and celery that seems to turn up at any pot luck dinner.  I didn't actually eat the green jello, but nothing says "holiday" better than veggies suspended in green goo. 

My favorite part of the holiday is Black Friday shopping with my mom and sisters.  Sometimes we have things we have to get, but this time I was along for the ride.  It is a great day without any kids and with the whole day spent with four of my favorite people.  Often times we buy more for ourselves than any gifts, but why not?  We are worth it.  We are not the crazy people that feel the need to pepper spray people to get a video game.  In fact, we are not usually there for that.  We start at 6a.m.  and literally shop till we drop.  There is lunch involved, and usually breakfast, too.  I had a Coke, and it was delicious. 

Colin is still not feeling well, but I hope he will be back in full swing by Christmas.  That is what I will be asking for.  Okay, that and a Kindle Fire.  And peace on earth and good will toward men. 


delaneyspage said...

Yum yum salad!!!' I had forgotten all about that, but oh how I loved it:)

Kate said...

If you make your cross-country trip I will make sure we have some here for you!