Friday, November 11, 2011


An Open Letter to the Lady Smoking at the Gas Station:

Have you ever read the warnings when you are pumping gas?  The very first one is "No smoking or open flames." Have you ever wondered why they put that on everything around a gas station?  It is that gas is highly flammable and is likely to EXPLODE!

I have worked very hard to attain my very boring life.  I have two kids that like having me for a mother, and a husband that likes having me as a wife.  I also have 20+ relatives that kind of enjoy having me in their life, and that is just my car.  There were five other cars at the pumps at what could easily have been at ground zero. 

Perhaps you could wait the five minutes it takes to pump your gas to light a new cigarette.  I know I would really appreciate not getting on the front page of the paper or the headline story on the news tonight. 

Thank you for your consideration. 

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Goldiebug said...

So very well put!! (and funny) I was a gas station recently and an EMPLOYEE had a cigarette in his mouth as he cleaned or emptied garbage cans or something. I walked up to him and said, full snark mode on, "REALLY?? a cigarette at a gas station?" and he quickly explained that it wasn't lit. But geez dude, you nearly gave me a heart attack! And come on, if you're that dependent on the things then get a job where you can smoke them occasionally. Sheesh.