Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Middle

Have any of you seen the TV show "The Middle"?  It comes on right before "Modern Family".  I swear that show could be about my life on so many levels that while it makes me laugh out loud every week, it also makes me cringe. 

Lets start with the daughter Sue.  She is a freshman in high school and has to be the dorkiest kid in America.  I was her 20 years ago.  I was trying so hard to find my place, and truthfully, I think my place was in college because I am not sure I ever fit in during High School.  I had a bad perm, braces, and the worst glasses known to man.  I am sure you remember the kind where the sides came out of the bottom of the frames a la Dustin Hoffman in "Tootsie". 

In fact, if you made this perm frizzier, added some acne and braces, this could have been me.  I had a group of friends that made it livable, but it was not the best time in my life. 

Then you have Patricia Heaton that is the mom.  This is my life now.  She is at the end of her rope trying to hold it together but is clearly white knuckling it through by the skin of her teeth.  (I only wish I could have found a way to add one more cliche to that sentence.)  She is trying to make everything nice for everyone around her and is failing miserably, and in the process it is making her crazy.   

The rest of the family could represent my family now.  Two boys that are completely different and a husband that is trying his hardest to help the mom keep it together.  You have got to watch this show and let me know what you think.  If you have already watched it, tell me which episode is your favorite.  I would have a hard time picking.  

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