Thursday, November 17, 2011


Did any of you happen to catch Diane Sawyer's interview with Gabby Giffords?  I wish I had taped it.  I am, of course, amazed at the progress she has made in recovering from getting shot in the head at what is basically point blank range.  I can't imagine how frustrating it would be to know what you want to say but have something completely different come out. 

What impresses me more is the relationship she has with her husband.  I know that NASA looks for a few good men, but come on, not only can he drive a space shuttle, he can completely love and honor his wife who has been so injured.  I love the way he looks at her when she is talking.  I love the patience he has shown as she is going through her recovery.  I love the encouragement he is giving her.  I wonder what would happen if it was Dave that was injured. Lets face it.  I have never been known to possess this thing they call patience.   Would I be able to do the same for him?  I think I would fair better if he had to take care of me.

We also have some friends who had a baby that was born with a rare genetic disease that was not detected until she was born.  They have been a true example of working together in good times and bad.  Their baby is currently undergoing treatment to have a bone marrow transplant and she is not even four months old.  I continue to be amazed at how well they are working together under tremendous pressure.  It is like watching a diamond being born.  They were a good couple before, but now their relationship is sparkling.  Would Dave and I hold up under that pressure?  I hope to God that I never have to find out. 

Finally, we have some friends where the husband was suffering from kidney disease.  On Monday Trina donated a kidney to Kevin.  Not only are they a perfect match in marriage, but she was the perfect donor as well.  They are both doing well.  I would like to think that if someone needed my kidney that I would be brave enough to do it.  I worry that I am too selfish or cowardly to do it.  If it was for one of my kids it would be a no brainer, but they are part of me. 

All of these people are amazing in their own right.  Put them together and I have my own personal inspiration wall.  I like to think that I live my life doing the right thing.  I like to think that Dave and I are strong in our relationship and faith in each other, and  I like to think that I am willing to go the extra mile.  I think deep in my heart I have doubts.  Like I said before, I pray that I am never faced with these decisions. At the same time I am praying that I really am the person I think I am.  My thanks and continued hope for good outcomes for all of my examples.  You are all bright lights showing me the way. 

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kevin said...

I always read & enjoy your blog, Today's had special meaning.