Friday, May 20, 2011

A Post About Nothing

Last night Dave was watching an old episode of Seinfeld (wait, aren't all of them old?) that was the one where they were pitching their show about nothing.  It was then that I realized that I should do that since I currently have nothing to write about.  We have hit that weird time of the year when we are so busy that it is killing me, but doing nothing noteworthy to post.  Here are some random things that are not worthy of a whole post but when put together might work.

1.  This morning while driving Ryan to school he asked me what was in the building at the end of my street.  I told him it was a nursing home so he asked me why all the nurses had to live together.  Kids say the funniest things in the car.  Once when Lauren was very little and Titanic was a huge hit, Lauren told Ann that she loved Vaseline Dion. 

2.  I took the kids to the dentist and they were both cavity free.  It would appear that Ryan will have to have orthodontic intervention before Colin.  They are 5.5 years apart.  

3.  If it does not stop raining I will have to start building an ark.  I'm not really kidding here. Luckily it looks like today might just be sunny.

4.  Last weekend we had a garage sale to raise money to fund our Relay For Life team.  It was the first garage sale I have participated in since before I was married.  Our 15th wedding anniversary is coming up in July.  Now I remember why.  Rude people were making rude comments about my memories.  We made $100.00 but there has to be a better way to make money and get rid of our stuff anonymously without having to use Craigslist which just might get me killed.  Thankfully our dear neighbors let us combine ours with theirs so I didn't have to endure it alone. 

5.   School is coming to a close and I am both looking forward to it and dreading it.  We have a pool pass this summer so at least I have something for the kids to do, but that is a really long three months. 

6.  The Indians have the best record in Baseball.  It is reminiscent of how they played in the strike shortened season which was the year they had the best chance to win the World Series.  It is a Cleveland team, so if something weird can screw it up, we will find a way. 

7.  I quit my yoga lessons.  I decided that Yoga is not for me.  I am still looking for an outlet for my anxiety so if anyone has any suggestions, feel free to enlighten me.  The funny thing was that I could never do the tree pose where you stand on one foot.  My instructor told me it was because I do not have a balanced life. Ironically, last night Colin had a project where he had to see how long each member of our family could stand on one leg.  I assumed the tree pose and held it for 2 full minutes.  If my ankle wasn't killing me I could have done it longer.  Guess I am balanced now that I gave up Yoga. 

8.  Finally, we endured the final band concert of the year.  Certainly, 5th grade band concerts must qualify as one of the circles of Hell.  Not necessarily because of he music because they really have come so far, but because we are required to sit on the hard wooden bleachers in a HOT, smelly, stuffy gym.  I also had Ryan whining the whole time that he was bored, had to go to the bathroom, and laying across me adding at least 10 degrees to the temperature.   I texted Tricia and told her that I would beg her to take him the next time.  I wouldn't have to beg her, she would take him any time, but I was desperate for relief.  Also, the fifth graders played first, then they had the 8th grade jazz band preform.  Did I mention that while I can appreciate that Jazz music is a wonderful music genre, I really hate it.  It makes me want to crawl out of my skin.  After that, the 6th graders went.  It lasted FOREVER.  The band boosters all across American could really clean up if they could secure a liquor license for these events. 

That about covers it.  I will let you know if nothing else happens. 

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