Monday, April 25, 2011

Birthday Girl

Last week was my sister Mary Beth's birthday, so this post is in honor of her.  Mary Beth is an amazing woman.  She has a determination that is unmatched by anyone I know, and once she decides to do something, it will be done with an intensity that is something to behold.  She is the second of the four of us, and is four years older than me.  When she was born she came so fast that my parents almost didn't make it to the hospital, and she was breech.  She literally came into this world kicking and screaming. 

When we were growing up, MB was a hard act to follow.  She was a great student, record holder in the high jump and had life long friendships that I could tell were something special.  She did not need braces, got a scholarship to Ohio State and graduated as one of the top in her class. 

With all that being said,  the thing that is most amazing is her grace.  She is generous with both her time and her treasure.  She has patience with her kids that is fun to watch.  Patience is not a word I would have ever used to describe her growing up, or with any other aspect of her life.  She plays with them for hours, long after I would have run screaming from the room.  I would say that MB has grown into her life. 

In the spirit of full disclosure, I am making her sound like a saint, and that is not really the case.  It is one of my rules for this site that I respect the privacy of my family.  I can brag on my family all I want, but I won't belittle them without their permission. 

With all this being said, Mary Beth, along with Ann and Laura are true gifts that have made my life better in ways that I can not put into words, and I hope they know that I do not take them for granted.   When people talk about being close like sisters, we are the kind of sisters they are talking about. 


Anonymous said...

Well said, Kate. Ann

Anonymous said...

I am honored to have a blog post dedicated to me. I believe it is a first:)....and you did make me sound so good!

Mary Beth