Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter Explosion

It is not a holiday at the Murray household until someone throws up, and Easter was no exception.  Colin had an allergy attack on Friday that was so awful that he used an entire family sized box of Puff Plus tissues.  By Saturday he seemed to be feeling better.  I doomed our fate when I thought to myself that we might have dodged a bullet.  I didn't even say it out loud, but the thought was enough. 

In the middle of the night Ryan came into our room because he had a nightmare.  He is allowed to come sleep by the side of the bed anytime he wants.  The problem was that in his haste to get out of his room he forgot to bring his pillow, blanket and Snowy.  He refused to go back so in the hope of getting back to sleep I got out of bed to get the stuff.  I am not the mother that likes to be disturbed when sleeping so this is kind of a big deal.  I was just getting back to sleep when I heard retching.  I managed to convince myself that it was really a bad dream and kept right on sleeping.  A few seconds later Colin comes into our room to tell me that he threw up IN THE KITCHEN and did not know how to clean it up.  I contemplated leaving it till morning but got out of bed to wash the kitchen floor.  I assured Colin that I was not mad and that I was just glad that he didn't get it on the carpet.  I sat up with him for a few more minutes and then when I was sure he was OK, I went back to sleep. 

Just as I was getting back into a good sleep I heard the sound again.  Once again I decided that I was dreaming and left it alone.  The door opened and Colin came in to tell us that he threw up again and this time he got it on the carpet.  This time I shook Dave awake.  He had to have been faking it as there is no way he could have slept through all that noise.  He got up to take care of it. 

There was another episode but it all seems like such a blur.  Max woke up at 6:30 and wanted to go out.  It is times like this that I think it would not be such a bad thing to just go ahead and pay the $1000 for the invisible fence and then shock the hell out of our little fluff ball who has the nerve to want to go out at the crack of dawn after a night like the one we had just endured. 

After all of that the kids wanted to get up to look for their Easter baskets.  I once again climbed out of my cocoon of comfort that I like to call my bed.  I must say that the Easter Bunny did a fine job of hiding Colin's blanket since it took him 20 minutes to find it after resorting to the Hot or Cold game. 

Colin was not able to go for the festivities so I stayed with him while Dave took Ryan to see his parents.  It was kind of nice to spend the morning with Colin hanging out and reading my book.  I finished the new Sara Gruen book called "Ape House" and it was really good.  She is the author of "Water for Elephants" which aside from just being turned into a movie, is also my favorite book. 

It was certainly not what we had planned, but it wasn't really so bad.  Mother's Day is coming soon.  Do I dare to dream of a vomit free day?

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