Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Heart Wants What the Heart Wants

I set my alarm for 5:00 and set the television to NBC before I went to bed.  When the alarm went off, and after I figured out why in the name of all that is good was it going off at such an ungodly hour, I flipped on the TV to watch the splendor and pageantry that was the Wedding of William and Catherine.  (She will always be Kate to me.)  Dave put up a good fight to try to watch it with me, but he totally cracked me up when he asked if she got there yet halfway through the ceremony.  I was touched that he made the effort. 

I was expecting to be swept up in the wedding itself, and don't get me wrong, it did not disappoint.  Well, truth be told I was kind of disappointed that she did not wear a bigger tiara.  Come on, if you are going to be in the true "wedding of the century" and are turning into a  real life princess, wear the biggest tiara you can get your hands on.  And perhaps a few sparkles could have been added to the dress for a glint here or there, I really liked her second dress if it didn't have the sweater, but otherwise it was "spot on" as the British people like to say. 


What can I add to the coverage that hasn't already been said a million times.  I loved the horses, and it was fun to watch the little bridesmaids and page boys.  I loved the carriage ride back to the palace, and I thought that Pipa had the best Maid of Honor dress in the history of weddings.

 The hats were really fun, but what was Princess Beatrice thinking?  As Ann said, it looked like she had a set of pink Mickey Mouse ears on her hat. 

It even looks like her dad, Prince Andrew, can't believe it...

My favorite part was when they came out and got into the carriage and Kate turned to William and she said, "I'm so happy."  I think Diana would have been thrilled.  When I was younger I did not realize that she and Charles had met less than 20 times.  He was clearly in love with Camilla but was forced to marry a titled woman of  pure virtue.  She and Charles never really had a chance. 

Diana was an amazing woman who made the best out of a bad marriage and made this world a better place.  She has a legacy of service to people all over the world, but I think her biggest legacy is that she made it permissible for her kids to marry who they love.  Charles was not allowed to marry his true love the first time around and tragedy of epic proportions befell them.  I think because of this William was able to marry a commoner.

The wedding was a true love story. 

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