Friday, April 8, 2011

Spring Break's Revelations

Colin's feet were growing like crazy, and since it was spring break we headed out to get new ones.  He is in an akward size where he is too big for the kids shoes but too small to wear mens shoes.  Size 7 in womens shoes is the utopia in shoe selection.  If you are boy you might as well forget it unless you go to the outlet mall.  We were able to get him a pair of tennies and a pair of sandals.  Sucess!!!!

While we were driving we decided to stop and get Lauren and William.  In the course of the trip we started to talk about what we wanted to happen to our bodies when we die.  It is no secret that I want to be cremated and scattered at a beach.  I don't really care which beach, but I feel most calm when I am at the ocean.  I love the sounds and the smells and the waves.  Lauren was appalled by my decision.  She wanted to know how she was going to visit me.  I told her that she did not need to visit me where my remains were scattered, but I would always be near when she needed me. 

This also reminded me of one of my new guilty pleasures; Joan and Melissa, Joan Knows Best where Joan Rivers moves to California to be closer to Melissa and her grandson.  While she is packing to move she gathers up three urns.  One is her late husband, one is her close friend, and one is a combination of several of her friends.  Her plan was to get cremated and then be scattered with the remains of her deceased loved ones so they would always be together.  I find this to be fascinating and creepy, and I love the idea. 

Now if only I could convince Dave to get cremated, and get the nerve to ask for the ashes of my family and friends, I can be with my loved ones for all eternity. 

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Elaine said...

I still like my personal space, eternity or no eternity!