Friday, April 15, 2011

To Go or Not to Go...

It seems that some things have changed since I was in high school a hundred years ago.  In my day, when it was time to ask a girl to prom the boy would walk up to said girl while she was getting  her books out of her locker and then casually ask if she would like to go.  This served two purposes.  If you were the girl and you didn't want to go you could just pretend that you didn't hear him.  If you were the boy and got cold feet, you could walk away and pretend that you didn't just put yourself out there hanging in the wind.  It allowed both people to save face. 

Now the boys are a bit more courageous and bold.  I just have to say thank God that I never have to endure this teenage angst, waiting for someone to ask me to this high school rite of passage, and also that I don't have to face my dad if this was my house.  He is a man of few words, but I am sure the few words he would say about this would be choice ones. 

Perhaps this is good practice for the day this boy proposes to his one true love. 

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Anonymous said...

Great picture, Kate!