Sunday, April 10, 2011

Its the Most Wonderful Day of the Year!

Christmas is indeed one of the most wonderful days of the year, but after the winter we have just endured, I have to say that today is the best day of the year.  It is the first day that we have been 70 degrees or warmer since late October and it has been a glorious day.

We got up and Colin and I went to PSR.  (Parish School of Religion) where I am the aid for the third grade class and Colin is in the 5th grade class.  The kids were great which is not always a given.  We came home and cleaned the house for a while and then walked down to the park at the front of our development.  Then we came home and hung out for an hour.  Following that we did the most exciting thing of summer.  We had the first trip to A&W and finished it out with Stoddard's Frozen Custard. 

I wore sandals and a short sleeve shirt.  There are no coats in sight!  It feels like the dawn of a new day!  I am now going to ignore the fact that it is going to be 45 degrees and raining for the next four days. 

Did I mention how excited I am that it is HOT OUTSIDE!!!!!  I am so excited that we wrote a song.  It is to be sung to the tune of "Its the Most Wonderful Day of the Year."

Its the most wonderful day of the year.
It is hot outside for the first time in months and we went to the park,
Its the most wonderful day of the year.

Its the hap happiest day of all,
We ate in our car and had frozen custard, we wore our sandals,
its the hap happiest day of all.

I now need to go outside and shoot some hoops.  In my sandals.  With no coat on.

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